Freaky Girl 原田浩.

Shojo Tsubaki (which literally means Camelia Girl) is a manga whose story was originally created by a legendary kami shibai performer from the 1920s working under the name Seiun and. It’s the strange story of a young girl sold to a travelling freak circus. An animation film of this story has been realised by Hiroshi Harada.
The premiere of Shojo Tsubaki was held as a giant spectacle in a red tent on the grounds of Mitake Jinja, a Tokyo Shinto Shrine.
The film contains direct depiction of the emperor Hirohito, which, unless I’m mistaken, was illegal while he was still alive. The complete, original film was in fact confiscated and banned from being shown in theaters in Japan by Narita Customs.
That the film is now available on DVD in France under the title Midori.


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