Invisible woman

This is already a few weeks I have heard about this movie and its Soundtrack
What caught my attention first is history. Perhaps because of this feeling « invisible woman » some people make me feel, people that you appreciate, that you support, who you show perhaps a little too much affection and in turn forget you…
And then I learned that the brother of the director was Guillaume Teyssier (aka My Sister Klaus). This is one of the artists signed to Tigersushi I appreciate most.
I have discovered for the first time in a TV programm « Culture Club » on France 4 (at the beginning of France 4) when I watched still a little TV, he gave a little interview in which he cited his influences (including Cyd Barett if I remember correctly) and it had immediately hooked.
I’ve not seen the film (soon soon) but I listened and I love the soundtrack.


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