Summer Trips

01.Agitation Free – First Communication
02.Joe Byrd & The Field Hippies – Kalyani
03.Kimio Mizutani – Sabbath Day’s Sable
04.Irmin Schmidt & The Inner Space – Indisches Panorama
05.Faust – Meer
06.Yoko Ono – Don’t Count The Waves
07.Tony Conrad – Four Violins
08.George Harrison – Dream Scene
09.Heldon – Ballade Pour Puig Antich
10.Far East Family Band – The God of Wind
11.Ashra – Laughter Loving
12.Ashra – Sunrain
13.Angus Maclise – Shortwave India
14.Yasuhiro Minamizawa – Sitar
15.Flower Travelin Band – After The Concert
16.Les Rallizes Denudes – Field of Artificial
17.Jean Cohen–Solal – Ab Hoc Et Ab Hac
18.World’s Experience Orchestra – The Prayer
19.Broadcast – Milling Around The
20.Virginia Astley – With My Eyes Open I’m Dreaming
21.The Pink Floyd – Unknown Song (aka Rain In The Country)

If you listened to my last mix you ever did see my interest in an artist who is called Arp. I discovered 2 years ago and since I keep coming back to listen to his music on his myspace. I have great admiration and fascination for his work and the people with whom they work, including The Alps. I am there fore very pleased to learn that The Alps will release their new album LE VOYAGE on May 25 2010 on LP & CD by UK label Type. For celebrate this new album, they’ve made a blissed-out summer mix called SUMMER TRIPS. You can listen to some exclusive tracks from their new album on the myspace jukebox.The Alps Myspace


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